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Now that a kind of stability looks like it may be returning, after what will have been a truly dismal year and a half for everyone - I'm feeling more confident about this new collaboration between Wyrley Music & Promotions, Rob Norman Music Ltd, and myself - Celine.  Towards the end of 2020 I was offered the chair as drummer for a newly proposed tribute show centred around Queen Celine herself - Celine Dion. But such was the apex of my Covid boredom at the time this offer came through - I decided to hedge my bets and throw my hat into the ring as Arranger/Musical Director. Rather unbelievably, my bluff has been called - so I am now neck deep in arranging all of Celine Dion's biggest hits, talking with the other 11 musicians we're yet to find, and dealing with other issues (some of which have not as yet made themselves known) in preparation for our opening night at The Crescent Theatre Birmingham, on the 30th of July 2021. I would never have referred to myself as a 'die hard' Celine fan, but like so many people, musicians especially, she's always been in my periphery. It's been great to get to know some of these songs more intimately. Right now her stand out song for me is BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME. It just seems to be the perfect marriage of lyric melody and harmony - like there was no effort in writing it at all. It sounds like it just fell out of the composers brain one morning. Oh the envy!! Anyway - Celine is going to be great  - especially for Celine Dion fans, so check out @CelineTheatreShow for more info, and the Facebook page too. Don't think Twice...etc

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